Cessna Citation Columbus – Airplane, Executive Airplaine, Avionics

Science and TechnologyCessna Citation Columbus - Airplane, Executive Airplaine, Avionics


Flying nonstop across more than 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 kilometers), you and your best people are going to spend a good deal of time together in the same space. No problem. The Columbus interior is a sanctuary of exquisite comfort. And there’s plenty of it to go around.

Unique Cabin Cross-Section Design.

Columbus passengers will benefit greatly from a unique cabin design that gives them a degree of head and shoulder room that is remarkable even for this class of business jet. The low, flat floor contributes to an extraordinarily high level of cabin comfort perfectly suited for the long-range, multi-continent missions the Columbus is destined to accomplish.


The quickest, most efficient way to go far in this world.

Powerful, efficient new engines, sleek aerodynamics and a best-of-all-worlds wing design make the Columbus a performance superstar for a wide range of mission profiles. For pure speed, it will blur the scenery at Mach .85. And like few other aircraft, the Columbus does not require you to back off the throttle very far to achieve maximum range numbers. At Mach .80, you can easily handle long hauls in the 4,000-nautical-mile (7,408-kilometer) range. And because of the aircraft’s abundant power and efficient wing design, you’re able to depart using runways as short as 5,400 feet (1,646 meters) at maximum takeoff weight.

 Just as remarkable is the fact that the Columbus will do all this with the greatest fuel efficiency in its class. New Pratt & Whitney Canada engines bring state-of-the-art technologies together with the latest in advanced materials. The result is an exceptionally lightweight, phenomenally powerful engine that is economical to operate and cleaner for the environment.

When you fly with Pratt & Whitney Canada, you do it with a level of assurance that comes from the company’s extraordinary record for dependability. In all, over one-half billion flight hours have been accomplished under Pratt & Whitney Canada power. With the new Columbus, performance is more than an impressive collection of specifications that are at or near the top of the category in virtually every respect. The performance of this aircraft is a carefully balanced set of characteristics that will enable operators to achieve even the most diverse range of missions with ease, comfort and economy.


Columbus flight crews will be among the most informed in the sky. The new Pro Line Fusion™ system from Rockwell Collins combines the proven success of Pro Line 21® with significant new technological advancements. This fully integrated flight deck will feature four landscape high-resolution LCD displays working in concert with an available Head-up Guidance System (HGS™), graphical flight planning, synthetic and the available enhanced vision, and Rockwell Collins´ award-winning MultiScan™ Hazard Detection system. Pilots can operate the system conventionally or by using the latest voice-recognition technology.




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